Inky is beside himself.  Yuck, yuck!

Inky and The Inkspots
His Roadies, Rosemarie & Arthur Roebuck

Inky  handing out his world famous
"Inky The Clown Magic Wands."

The Half-Ring Circus, Magician Robert Day,
and The Inkster!

The juggling jester joyfully jousts
with jubilant juveniles.

Inky drives his Mini Model-T
Itty Bitty Bang Bang.

Inky at the Ella Bess Austin Library
in Terry, MS
Your old pal the Inkster hard at work making balloons.
On August 3rd Inky The Clown was invited
to host Mississippi ETV "KID'S FUN DAY"
shows in Biloxi MS!
Inky had the honor of performing  with some
of your favorite PBS stars!
Gordon from Sesame Street and Cleo from
Between the Lions! Three great shows, Tons
of kids, and lots of fun!
Inky wants to say thanks to all his friends at
Mississippi ETV and all the kids and parents
that came out to see the shows!

Inky on "The Runt"
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